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Innovation will continue to be our driving inspiration as we move forward and it’s also the foundation of our design apartment.
At present, we utilize a team of engineers and industrial designers to get involved in the coordination and execution of conceptual design, mechanical design and the overall project management activities. Our proven ability to apply our innovation throughout the research and development process together with our extensive experience within the global market will remain as essential elements in the success of our products.

Packaging Facility

KEMA packaging factory offer a full range of packaging capabilities and has through the ISO9001 certificate. With State-of-the-Art equipment, we offer efficient and cost effective service.

Warehousing & Logistics

KEMA group owns a warehouse with more than 10000 M2 which provides space for storage and circulation of goods. Each year, more than 2000 TEUS are consolidated and delivered from here. We always provide high speed and efficiency in loading and unloading.


KEMA has a resourceful department in manufacturing and we’re able to design and produce all kinds of tools to meet customer’s request both domestic and overseas. High efficiency and good quality are the essential focal points during our production.

Testing & Inspection

KEMA Testing Service is your primary partner for solving uncertainties when purchasing from China.
Inspection of initial production samples is prior to mass production, or at the beginning of mass production, to ensure that product specifications are being met. Care at this stage avoids unnecessary reengineering delays and costs.
Our Priority is always providing you with quality tools where our customer's success is the measure of our success. We use state of the art inspection equipment to inspect our tools to insure you getting tools made from the correct material with consistent high quality every time.